Semi-carbonic macerated (anaerobic) Aramosa varietal - grown 1200 masl in the Minas Geraís region in Brazil. This is not yet a commercially available coffee varietal - it's a genetic material currently under development on the Daterra farm.

The semi-carbonic maceration is a fermentation technique inspired by the winemaking style of Beaujolais. The ripe cherries are placed inside an hermetical tank. The CO2 released in the fermentation expels all the oxygen from the tank, creating an anaerobic environment. The maceration is result of the bottom cherries crushing under the weight of the top cherries.

The name Ijexa is inspired by an African rhythm brought to Brazil during the colonial era and remains today an important cultural manifestation in the Bahia state. The Ijexa is closely connected to African religions and most songs are sung in African dialects.