We try to do things differently in challenging the way coffee is being processed and consumed through sustainability and evidence-based theory. To do this, scientific insight is of most importance, which is why we count Q-graders, Q-processors, Sensory-, Roasting-, Brewing-, and Green professionals. Together we bond a strong team ready to give a new take on coffee.

One of our main drives is to do something that matters. By following us, you will be on the front line of the coffee industry in regard to optimal, extraordinary flavor experiences, but also in helping the speciality coffee industry survive. The future of coffee is fragile with low yields, diseases, pests, and climate changes. Our presence in the coffee industry is based on working against these factors and making the coffee industry a great place to be for farmers, producers, roasters and baristas.

We support research on how to make coffee more sustainable in the future. Development of new species and varieties producing a higher yield, are more resilient to drought, disease and pest, while still having a nice cup profile.

To ensure these promises, we are members of the World Coffee Research (WCR) where we donate 0.5 usd pr. kg coffee we buy, thereby helping coffee-producing  families sustain in the short- and long term by supporting their WCR programme. This way, we also ensure that producers are purchasing genetically pure, disease-free, vigorous seeds and plants that conform to the variety standard; a coffee producer's most important asset, as having access to plants of the highest quality is one of the most lucrative - but also safe ways to lower the risks farmers deal with.

Stay tuned for more.

CO2 neutral K-seal bags

The new K-seal bags are radically different from anything you have seen before. These colourful coffee bags feel like paper, but are actually 100% plastic and can be recycled with plastic waste. Their production has an overall neutral carbon footprint in the following way:

The CO2 emissions released by producing the K-seal packaging are compensated by one of the carefully selected climate projects of Climate Neutral Group. These climate projects will take place in coffee producing countries. By investing in these climate projects, we reduce the CO2 emissions and we compensate the emissions that are made by the production of the K-seal bags.


In addition to reducing CO2 emissions, it also offers opportunities for the local people, such as knowledge transfer, environmental improvement and stimulation of the local economy